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Our telephony and data systems are the best of breed from industry leaders like:

Avaya Inc, Ameyo, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Microsoft, Dell Sonicwall.

ACD  Voice Network

BPO+ Core Voice Network is powered by the industry leading vendors like Avaya & Ameyo Cloud. This leading edge technology supports intelligent skill-based call routing, interactive voice response , Cloud Interface etc.

Reporting is a key facet of a successful outsourced contact centre. AT BPO+ , the reporting system empowers our Operations Team with accurate real-time and historical reports enabling them to efficiently utilise resources.

Fully comprehensive call recording by the Voice Logger enables agent evaluation and dispute resolutions. The BPO+ Operations Team can access and monitor each and every call real time to assure high quality of service.

Network And Security
BPO+ IT infrastructure is provided and designed by some of the leading vendors in the IT industry with up to date hardware and networking products; to support optimum performance and zero downtime. BPO+ Core Data Network is powered by the industry leading vendors like HP, Cisco, & Dell sonicwall. This leading edge technology supports secure, DMZ, bandwidth management etc.
BPO+ information security management system is compliant to ISO 27001:2005 standards. Strict controls are implemented as part of the standard implementation based on respective risk analysis thus ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems and equipments.
The conformity review audits and risk analysis are conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure conformity with industry benchmarks and best practices.
CRM & Database
BPO+ has an experienced in-house software development team to build customized CRM applications to suit every individual client’s distinct need and project requirement. Agents use these custom-built CRM front-ends to capture data, generate reports, analysis etc.
Web Server
BPO+ has deploy web server in internal datacenter for their client behind DMZ zone . BPO+ has two more web-server at US datacenter for redundancy purposed. Highly qualify technical resource monitoring servers by 24×7 .
Business Continuity
BPO+ has a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place . The off-site disaster recovery location is equipped with the essential technical infrastructure to handle all emergencies.